Exceptional Pair of Marble Busts of Pauline Bonaparte & General Charles Leclerc on original columns

Italy | c. 1800

A pair of carved marble portrait busts depicting Pauline Bonaparte and General Charles Leclerc in classical dress, each supported on a turned socle and presented on marble columns.

Pauline Bonaparte (1780 – 1825) was the first sovereign Duchess of Guastalla, an imperial French Princess. She was the sixth child of Letizia Ramolino and Carlo Buonaparte, Corsica’s representative to the Court of King Louis XVI of France. Her elder brother, Napoleon, was the first Emperor of the French. Pauline married Charles Leclerc (1772 -1802), a French general, in 1797.

Height of busts: 28” (71cm)
Height including columns: 64” (162.5cm
Height with additional wooden bases: 72” (183cm)

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