23rd March 2013 - 23rd July 2013

I have always been fascinated by the extraordinarily harmonious fusion of Indian decoration with British cabinet design. A simple chair, a mundane chest of drawers, both were transformed into exciting art forms by the application of intricate carving and inlaid detail combined with the use of exotic materials.

The exquisite carving on the pair of ebony chairs is so perfectly balanced and refined in its ornament that one is challenged to find its equal in any other culture. The use of sadeli decoration in the series of Bombay boxes transforms simple storage containers into treasured objects.

In this catalogue we make frequent references to Amin Jaffer’s ‘ Furniture from British India and Ceylon ‘. We are extremely grateful for his kind permission to use as a point of reference what can only be described as one of the most detailed and informative furniture books ever published and an inspiration to all those who are interested in the glories of Colonial India.