An Architectural Florentine Pietra Dura Cabinet

Mid 19th Century, incorporating earlier elements.

This jewel like cabinet is decorated in relief and is an exquisite example of the 19th century revival of this earlier form of pietra dura.

The architectural central gilt metal arch frames a hard stone relief of a vase of flowers, flanked by a pair of brass inlaid lapis columns with gilt metal Corinthian capitals and turned metal plinths.  The ripple moulded broken pediment above is embellished with further gilt metal mounts and lapis rectangles.  Below the central arch is a concealed drawer with a gilt metal and lapis decorated front.   Both the pediment and the central arch conceal two further drawers with two secret document drawers to the interior.  To either side of the centre are sixteen drawer fronts decorated with intricate polychrome hard stone botanical reliefs.   These reveal eight drawers and four double drawers.   The plinth is completed with further ripple mouldings.  The gilt metal baluster galleried top has interspersed lapis capitals and is completed with gilt metal flaming vase finials.

The galleried top with gilt metal baluster turning interspersed with rectangular lapis capitals separating two rows of ripple mouldings surmounted with six gilt metal flaming vase finials.   The ripple moulded cornice below caps a gilt metal and lapis decorated broken pediment above a central arch containing a pietra dura vase of flowers.  One side displays a pietra dura panel of an exotic bird perching in a pear tree, while the other another exotic bird perching in a plum tree.

Height: 62 cms;  Length:  80 cms;  Depth: 33 cms.

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