A Large Plaster Cast Bust Of Hermes by D. Brucciani & Co

England | Circa 1840

Marked: D.BRUCCIANI & CO, LONDON’ (on the back)


Of museum interest, this impressively large bust made from multiple pieces, a technique sometimes employed when taking on a particularly difficult casting, has developed an appealing creamy-dark colour with age.  


The work, depicting a Hermes (an ancient Greek athlete) was cast from a sculpture found in Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli, which passed through the Lansdowne collection and is now thought to be in the hands of a private owner in America.

Brucciani & Co was set up by Domenico Brucciani in London in 1837 and became one of the most successful companies, in the lucrative business of copying art, establishing ties with both the British Museum and the V & A. Brucciani and Co were employed by the museums to help create and assemble an important collection of casts of sculpture and architecture during the 19th century.



 Height: 29” (74cm).  Width: 23.5” (60cm).  Depth: 12” (30.5cm).


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