36. A Hishinui Do Tosei Gusoku Suit of Armour

Japan | 1800 - 1899

A hishinui do tosei gusoku Suit of Armour
Edo Period 19th century

Height 53 ½” (136cms); Depth (including shin guards) 21” (53.5 cms); Width 19” (48.5.cms).

The Saotome 32 plate russet iron suji bachi kabuto ( ridged bowl ) helmet with black lacquer standing flanges, fukigaeshi, with gilt family kutsuwa mon, fitted with a five lame black lacquered and gilt ko manjo jikoro ( neck guard ), surmounted by a five stage gilt and shakudo tehen-kanamono and with a five gilt plate forecrest.

The two piece russet iron menpo with hair moustache and eyebrows, and five lame yodarekake ( throat defence ).

The do ( cuirass ) of black lacquered horizontal plates with blue hishinui (cross knots)
and vertical blue lacing, black lacquered ko-sode ( shoulder guards ) laced in blue
kebiki odoshi ( close lacing ), black lacquer shino gote ( sleeves ), kawara haidate
( thigh guards ) and shino suneate ( shin guards ).

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