27. A Chinese Spindle Back Rose Chair

China | 1800 - 1899

Jiangnon Region
Early Nineteenth Century

Height: 35 ¾” (91cm)
Width: 21 ¼” (54cm)
Depth: 18” (46cm)

This chair which is made of rosewood is typical of the Suzhou style of the mid to late Quing period. Unlike a traditional rose chair the backrest is shaped with a subtle arch.

Just how the rose chair received it’s title is lost in history. It is probable that the encircling stretchers and curves were designed to echo old lightweight bamboo furniture. Low back chairs were common in Suzhou, the city of gardens and windows, as these could sit under a window, thus allowing a view of the garden.

For a similar chair see Chinese Furniture by Karen Mazurkewick, illus. 108.

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