Bronze Bust of Lawrence of Arabia by Sir Charles Wheeler

Signed and dated: ‘Charles Wheeler/Nov 6 1929’ (on the right shoulder)

Bronze with a brown patina mounted on inscribed stone plinth.

Sir Charles Wheeler (1892-1974) was a renowned British sculptor and notably the first sculptor to hold the Presidency of the Royal Academy which he did from 1956 through 1966.  Conceived on the 6th November 1929, this bronze of TE Lawrence captures perfectly both the iconic and the human aspects of a remarkable, complex man.

In his autobiography High Relief, Sir Charles writes:  ‘Herbert Baker asked me to make a bronze bust of T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), who at the time called himself Shaw and was an aircraftsman in the R.A.F. Of himself, when we first met, he said: ‘No name – just a number’.  There was only one sitting, but that was of five hours’ duration.  It was on a cold November day in 1929.  He would not sit but stood the whole time – like a rock.’

Height: 20” (51cm). Height excluding base 18.5” (47cm). Width: 19.5” (49cm). Depth: 10.5” (26cm)

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