Carved Black Basalt Stele of Vishnu, North Eastern India, Pala Period. 11th or 12th Century

India | 1100 - 1200

A carved figure of Vishnu standing in samapadasana, holding a lotus, mace chakra and conch, dressed in a short striated dhoti and embellished with various necklaces, and bracelets. The serene countenance has a bow-shaped mouth and elongated eyes, surmounted by a tall conical headdress. Vishnu is flanked by Bhudevi holding a lotus and Shridevi playing the vina, and surrounded by celestial garland bearers, a pair of yalis and roundels depicting the ten avatars of Vishnu, surmounted by a kirttimukha. Each figure stands on a double lotus base, the whole supported by an integrated base fronted by Garuda. Presented on a modern black-painted wooden stand.

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