Chinoiserie Lacquer Cabinet on Stand

England Circa 1695    The associated Stand Circa 1710

The predominantly raised gilt and red lacquer decoration is on a black ground. The Cabinet comprises two doors opening to reveal eleven drawers of various sizes surrounding a central cupboard enclosing a further three short drawers.  The exterior doors feature two hunting scenes with armed riders on horseback, dogs, a stag, birds and other mythical creatures in a forested landscape. The interior of one door depicts a

magnificent Phoenix beside a bridge over a stream in a wooded and rocky landscape. The interior of the other door depicts two young men bathing monkeys in a similar landscape. The central interior door bears a complex perspective view of a staircase meandering through tiered garden pavilions among prunus trees. The drawer fronts decorated with figures pursuing various pastimes among exotic birds, insects, flora and pavilions.

The lacquer work on this cabinet is of a high standard and most appealing. The gilt border lines on the sides and the trellis border on the front are possibly Regency embellishments.

For related designs see: A Treatise of Japanning and Varnishing by John Stalker 1688


Measurements: Width 40” (102 cm) height 63 ½” (161 cm) Depth 19 ½” (49.5 cm)

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