Group of 10 Military Framed Engravings

England | c. 1800

The hand-coloured engravings held behind glass with reverse-painted black and gilt borders, in later ebonised and gilt frames.
The various plates depicting detailed battle scenes and examples of military strategy.
Each frame bearing the original title from the engraved plate to the reverse of the frame, as listed below:-

The Expedition Against Cape Breton in Nova Scotia 1745
The Attack of Two Bastille Breaches made by springing mines
The Battle of Prague in Bohemia 6th May 1757
The Battle of Lowoschutz in Bohemia 4th October 1756
An Attack and Lodgement on the Covert Way
Of Making Sallies and the method of repulling them
The Place Taken by Storm and Plunder’d
The Battle of Newmark in Silesia 5th December 1757
A General Assault
The Battle of Minden in Westphalia 1st August 1759

The engraved plates all approximately 10 ¼” (26cm) Wide, 5 ½” (14cm) High
The frames all approximately 12 ½” (32cm) Wide, 7 ¾” (19.5cm) High


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