A Carved Ivory Figure of a Beggar

Probably Germany | 1700 - 1799

Measurements: The figure 6 1⁄2” (16.5 cm) High; with the base 9 3⁄4” (25 cm) High; 4 1/8” (10.5 cm) Diameter

A carved ivory figure, depicting a beggar in rags with one hand outstretched in a gesture of supplication. Presented on a circular wooden socle.

Ivory figures of this type were popularized by the sculptor Simon Troger (1683-1768), who produced many such pieces for the Kunstkammer of his patron Maximilian III Joseph, Elector of Bavaria (1727-1777). Troger also carved religious and classicized subjects, but his most popular and influential works were his figures of beggars, typically carved in ivory and walnut. The witty juxtaposition of the costly and exotic material of ivory with these decrepit and destitute subjects was immensely popular, and was much imitated by his contemporaries.

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