Statuary Marble Bust of Cleopatra


Second half of the 19th century

Looking to dexter Cleopatra is depicted in her traditional accoutrements of magnificent plumed headdress and precious regalia as seen in Egyptian wall paintings. In ancient Egyptian mythology the vulture represented power, femininity and maternal protection. In this sculpture the artist perfectly captures the haughty expression befitting this all-powerful ruler.

Minor restorations and age blemishes

Measurements: height 25” (63.5 cms)  maximum width 16” (41 cms)

Marie-Anne-Elizabeth Del Sarte, the sculptor, was born in Paris in 1848 and elevated to the Salon in 1868. Her daughter was Therese M. Giraldy, a notable painter and recipient of the Legion D’Honneur for her achievements. Her sister was also an artist and teacher. Between them they established a creative dynasty both in art and music which continues to this day.


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