Early George III Cast Brass& Steel Standing Iron

England      Circa 1770

An exceptionally rare cast brass and steel standing iron, having an elaborate cut brass octagonal body with a screw acorn finial, which would be removed when in use, but acts as a handle to remove the top half when hot.  An octagonal iron slug would have been heated in the fire and then put inside for the purpose of smoothing, fluting or crimping materials such as mob caps etc.  The globular body is supported on a turned cylindrical stem, terminating in a brass tripod base, as often found in Georgian occasional tables. Goffering, crimping and smoothing irons come in many forms, but this is considered to be extremely rare and possibly unique design. The outstanding workmanship, patination and rarity add up to an extremely appealing object, particularly to a serious collector.

Height 12 ¾” (32.5 cms) Diameter 4 ¼” ( 11 cms)




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