Chinese Jade & Rock Crystal Box. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period

China | 1711 - 1799

The tapered cylindrical body of pale celadon jade incised with a repeat scroll design,
the hinged lid of rock crystal carved with a Carolus dollar, held in a silver-gilt
mount with a single diamond set closure, with a corresponding silver-gilt scalloped band to the rock crystal base.

There is an example of a chalcedony snuff bottle with each side carved with the face of a Carolus dollar in the Field Museum, Chicago.

The tradition of precious and hardstone decoration involving adaptation of Western imagery is discussed in The Arts of China After 1620, William Watson and Chuimei Ho, Yale University Press, 2007, p.167.

Measurements: 1 ¾ ” (4.5cm) High 2 1/8 ” (5.5cm) Diameter


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