Pair of Baroque Giltwood Girandoles

Barcelona 1743 or before

Mostly original gilt with retouching and minor restorations. Original glazing.


Measurements: height; 32” (81cm), width; 22” (58cm)


These handsome shaped mirrors have classical portrait busts of cherubs enclosed by arches below vases of flowers, above scrolls and leaf carved foliage with iron hooks for candle sconces issuing from the mouths of grotesques.


When our restorer removed the back panel of one mirror he discovered a paper fragment which is headed ‘Bulla de la Santa Cruzada MDCCXXXXVI1’.

This refers to ecclesiastical indulgences from the Catholic Church. The monies raised from the sale of these indulgences was designated by Pope Julius in 1509 for fighting enemies of the Church and building edifices such as St Peter’s in Rome and San Lorenzo del Escorial Madrid. However, the monies were later used by the Spanish monarchs for their own purposes.

We have left this manuscript fragment behind the mirror as part of its historical evolution..

An image of this document is available to the purchaser.



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