A Swiss Painted and Carved Table

Switzerland | c. 1860

The table is in walnut, the top features a central panel painted with a view of a Farmhouse in a wooded landscape with cows and a cowherd in the foreground against an alpine backdrop of blue sky, snow clad mountains and a waterfall.

This panel is framed by a border of meandering, leafy and fruiting vines leading to 22 framed female portraits in traditional dress. These costumes represent the twenty-two cantons of Switzerland. The edge inlaid with a band of alternating ebony and limewood above a double thumb moulded frieze concealing a single drawer. The central turned leaf carved column raised on three shaped and carved cabriole legs.

The table bears close comparison with a table painted by Johann Wirz for the Great Exhibition of 1851. The design of the painted detail is almost identical.

Height: 28.25” (72cm)
Diameter: 17” (43)


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