Bronze Sculpture of Dionysus



Of original verdigris patination this well executed and substantial sculpture of Dionysus is looking to sinister and bears some of the symbols of his realm as Greek God of wine; a Thysus, Grapes and a Panther skin.

Late 19th century

The original was discovered in August 1862 in a humble Pompeian house and was soon removed to the Museo Nazionale and acclaimed a masterpiece. Some consider it to be the most beautiful bronze ever to be discovered at Pompeii. Accordingly, its fame spread and it became extensively copied in the same size and medium.

A chocolate bronze copy by Vincenzo Gemito was sold lot 1, Sothebys 19th and 20th century sculpture 9th December 2020 for £50,400

Height 15 ½” (39 cms)


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